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We are inspired daily to keep focusing on the things that matter.  

In business, that is to strive to create a great and rewarding culture: to do business in a way that is fulfilling, successful and full of energy and wonderful experiences.  

Working as a community since the 1980's, we have created a method that can be transmitted to like minded individuals and teams that are new to the experience of building a great organizational culture.

Our team works together to Organize, Promote, Produce and Manage Live & Virtual Performances in Theatrical, Corporate, and Community Settings

in Intimate Gatherings and Large Auditoriums.

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Spotlight Your Spark

You have a VISION and we have the experience to bring your vision to life.

With over 30 years and 3000 shows across the country, our Creation Lab and Show Design team has seen it all! No idea is too big or too small.

Book a chat with our Creation Lab to see how Celebrity Enterprises can help you take the next step with your event.

  • 100's of Themes

  • Workshops

  • Full evenings

  • Sit Down Shows

  • Dance Parties

  • General Sessions

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Louis the 14th Meets Madonna Theme

Your theme can be celebrated through

  • Custom Costuming

  • Sound Tracks

  • Live Art

  • Set Production

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Celebrity Enterprises Campus

Our tools at YOUR fingertips!

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Spotlight Your Solutions

With our vast resources we can create custom content to dial in to your exact needs.

  • Professional Recording Studio

  • High End Broadcast Studio 

 (3 camera, studio sound, and fiber optic uplink)

  • Full Sound System

  • Complete Lighting System

  • Costume Studio

  • Marketing Development Team

  • Video Editing Team

  • Storyboard Production Team

  • Creation Lab & Think Tank

  • Video Production

  • Sound Technicians

  • Lighting Technicians

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Spotlight Your Success

Your goal is to have your event end in SUCCESS, to have your guests feel special and for you to look like a HERO!

Our proven track record for successful events and return engagements guarantees your audience leaving lighter and more connected than when they came in.

Look like a Hero!

Leave your audience on their feet and asking for more!

“The versatility you demonstrated in our entertainment evening was eclipsed only by the new formal role you played during our awards night.  You were able to adapt to every situation effortlessly.”

Bill Allis, Gillette (7 events worldwide)

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